Vale Lawrence Bremner


Long-term biotechnology executive and enthusiastic advocate of Australian and Queensland biotechnology, Lawrence Bremner, was laid to rest on Friday, after his sudden death shocked the industry.

Lawrence was a member of AusBiotech, and perhaps best known for his senior executive role with Queensland-based TetraQ, which he had left in late 2015 to become Managing Director of The Big Well, a ‘gateway’ to manage integrated health and wellness services and product solutions for practitioners and their patients.

Lawrence had strong and energetic leadership qualities and multidisciplinary skills in both early and late stage commercialisation and capital development. He had managed in both the public and private sector and sought to bridge both sectors.

As a result of his diverse international commercial and investment experience, Lawrence had established and managed several incubator accelerators, venture capital and public sector funds, successfully commercialising more than 50 enterprises.

Friend, Stuart Hazell, said: “Lawrence was passionate about finding ways to advance biotechnology and life sciences in Australia.  He was a man of energy and eternal optimism. He was in the process of launching his new business venture, The Big Well, when he passed away. His dream was to build a business that delivered a new model of wellness involving a healthy mind and body.”

Lawrence provided back to the community through a number of volunteer activities and maintained a strong interest in social justice entrepreneurship. He is survived by his life partner, Gliselle, and his two daughters.