US grants patent to Cartherics' investigational CAR-T therapy

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Cell therapy company Cartherics has been granted US patent 11,400,145, entitled 'genetically modified cells and uses thereof'.

The company said the patent provides a proprietary position for multiple development candidates in its pipeline.

The patent covers Cartherics’ chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) targeting tumour-associated glycoprotein-72 (TAG-72), along with T cells bearing the TAG-72 CAR. It provides protection for both autologous (patient-derived) and allogeneic (off-the-shelf) immune cell products that carry the TAG-72 CAR.

TAG-72 is highly expressed in a range of adenocarcinomas, including ovarian and gastric cancers. Issuance of the patent is an important milestone in the development of new treatments for these cancers.

Cartherics’ said its initial target indication is relapsed or refractory ovarian cancer, where greater than 90 per cent of tumours are TAG-72 positive.

Cartherics CEO Professor Alan Trounson said, “This patent is the first US patent to issue from Cartherics’ substantial and growing intellectual property portfolio. It reflects Cartherics’ commitment to the development of novel and innovative cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.”