Tribute to Dr Chris Holloway

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Chief Scientific Officer at ERA Consulting and longstanding AusBiotech member Dr Chris Holloway passed away unexpectedly recently at his home in Germany.

As founder of ERA Consulting, Dr Holloway was a respected and a highly-involved member of the local and global biotechnology community. His contribution to AusBiotech was valuable, speaking at numerous conferences over the years, and will be sorely missed.

Dr Holloway had worked in regulatory affairs for nearly 30 years, specialising in biotechnology products and other biologics.

Equipped with a thorough knowledge of current regulatory guidelines and regulatory expectations in general, Dr Holloway supported clients in navigating challenges of the regulatory landscape and engaged with European Union member state agencies.

Prior to his role at ERA Consulting, Dr Holloway was Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at Hannover Medical School in Germany. He had personally been involved in the development of over 450 products, contributing to manufacturing and control approaches as well as early non-clinical and clinical development.

ERA Consulting have arranged a special email account,, which can be used to pass on messages of condolences to his family.