Trajan confirms La Trobe University has joined ASTech

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The ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies (ASTech) has announced La Trobe University as the latest addition to its university nodes.

La Trobe hosts the Centre for Materials and Surface Science (CMSS) at its campus in Melbourne.

CMSS hosts a comprehensive surface science capability, featuring a range of custom built ultra-high vacuum instrumentation, synchrotron end stations, and modern surface analytical instrumentation. Contemporary surface analytical techniques allow the elemental composition, chemistry and molecular structure of the outermost layers of solid surfaces to be determined.

“I'm delighted that we have been able to expand ASTech into La Trobe University and bring on board the added expertise in areas of electrochemistry, photochemistry, chemical sensing and biosensing of Associate Professor Conor Hogan.” said Professor Brett Paull, Centre Director of ASTech. “The ASTech network is continually strengthening, and with this comes the added capacity and skill sets to collectively tackle the difficult challenges as we move forward.”

ASTech’s industry founder Trajan Scientific and Medical says it believes in collaboration to leverage academic and commercial strengths to improve human wellbeing through science. 

CEO Stephen Tomisich said La Trobe’s research strategy, experience in industry partnerships and complementary technical capabilities make them an ideal fit for ASTech.