TGA opens annual stakeholder survey


Industry is invited to take part in the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA’s) 2018 stakeholder survey, along with other stakeholders including health professionals, the medical products industry, academics and consumers.

Each year the TGA asks for feedback from all stakeholders, to help the regulator measure satisfaction with a range of services and activities including the TGA’s role and performance. Most importantly, they use the feedback received to continually improve the way they support and interact with stakeholders.

This year the TGA has released two separate surveys - one for consumers of therapeutic goods, and another for health professionals, the medical products industry and all other stakeholders.

The survey is broken into five parts:

  • Part 1 - Introductory questions
  • Part 2 - General questions about our role and performance.
  • Part 3 - Communication with the TGA.
  • Part 4 - Questions about the TGA websites 
  • Part 5 - Consultation with the TGA and information sharing.

Industry stakeholders can access the 10-15 minute survey online.

Results from the survey will be made available later in 2018. The survey will remain open until 20 July 2018.