Telix says olaratumab antibody licensed from Lilly demonstrates proof of concept

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Telix (ASX:TLX) says olaratumab, an antibody licensed from Eli Lilly, has demonstrated proof-of-concept in a preclinical study investigating its delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation to tumours.

The Australian company secured the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialise radiolabelled forms of olaratumab for diagnosing and treating human cancers in April 2022.

Telix said olaratumab has a well-established clinical safety profile, a favourable toxicology dataset and advanced manufacturing package in relation to Lilly’s development program, which Telix expects to be able to leverage for future development as a radiopharmaceutical drug product.

The company confirmed that it has now completed its preclinical evaluation, describing results as "sufficiently encouraging" to advance development toward initial human clinical trials.

Telix chief scientist Dr Michael Wheatcroft said, “Building on Telix’s proven track record in acquiring and developing novel radiopharmaceutical assets, it is extremely pleasing to demonstrate the adaptation of this traditional biologic agent for future potential use as a targeted radiopharmaceutical. TLX300 will initially be evaluated in a first-in-human clinical study that is designed to inform both the potential efficacy (dosimetry) and safety profile of this research candidate as a therapeutic, demonstrating the development advantage of a theranostic approach.”