Telix Pharmaceuticals acquires Swiss-German counterpart

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Australian biotechnology company Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX) has announced it will acquire Swiss-German counterpart TheraPharm for its portfolio of potential diagnostics and treatments for haematological diseases like blood cancer.

The company will acquire TheraPharm from its current owner Scintec Diagnostics.

Telix said the acquisition will provide it with access to a portfolio of patents, technologies, production systems, clinical data and expertise covering the use of Molecularly Targeted Radiation (MTR) in haematology and immunology.

TheraPharm is developing antibody MTR technology against CD66. 

Telix said the technology potentially has very broad applications in the diagnosis and treatment of haematological diseases like blood cancers and infection management.

"Of particular interest is the demonstrated use of the technology to safely and effectively condition patients prior to bone marrow stem cell transplant," said the company in a statement.

“Telix is committed to extending and improving the lives of patients with serious diseases. As such, the acquisition of TheraPharm and its MTR assets are uniquely aligned to Telix’s mission and technical strengths in antibody engineering and radiochemistry," said CEO Dr Christian Behrenbruch.

"TheraPharm’s technology has a significant role to play in BMC [bone marrow conditioning] and stem cell transplantation across a broad range of blood cancers and rare diseases. The current approach to BMC employs highly toxic drugs that have a poor morbidity and mortality profile, and for which many patients are ineligible. MTR offers an excellent safety profile that may greatly expand the number of patients able to undergo life-prolonging stem cell transplantation while greatly reducing the hospitalisation burden and cost associated with such procedures.”