Telix announces distribution agreement for Germany

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Telix (ASX:TLX) has announced an exclusive commercial distribution agreement with Eckert & Ziegler for its prostate cancer imaging product Illuccix for the German market.

Under the terms of the agreement, Eckert & Ziegler will be the exclusive commercial distributor of Illuccix (Kit for the preparation of 68Ga-PSMA-11 injection) in Germany once the marketing authorisation has been granted for the product. Telix said this is anticipated to occur in late 2021.

Telix CEO Dr Christian Behrenbruch said, “We are pleased to have entered this commercial distribution agreement with Eckert & Ziegler so that, subject to German regulatory approval, we will together be able to bring this highly anticipated imaging agent to German patients living with prostate cancer as efficiently as possible. Partnering with such a capable and patient-centric leader in nuclear medicine uniquely aligns with Telix’s mission of helping patients with cancer live longer, better quality lives.”

Member of the Executive Board of EZAG, Dr Harald Hasselmann, added, This commercial partnership with Telix will enable us to open the door to state-of-the-art PSMA imaging for the 68,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in Germany. Given that PSMA imaging represents the latest standard of care for prostate cancer imaging, having recently been included in European and U.S. clinical practice guidelines, we are delighted to be adding Illuccix®to our nuclear medicine portfolio and look forward to bringing this product to German patients in need.”