Starpharma announces that Viraleze approved in Malaysia

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Starpharma (ASX:SPL) has announced that it has achieved regulatory approval for its antiviral nasal spray product, Viraleze, in Malaysia.

Viraleze is a nasal spray that works by physically trapping and blocking respiratory viruses in the nasal cavity.

The company said it is conducting a post-market clinical study of Viraleze in people with COVID-19. The clinical study, which will examine the antiviral activity and ability of Viraleze to reduce viral load over 7 days, is underway in the United Kingdom and has recruited more than 80 per cent of the target number of participants to date.

Viraleze nasal spray is now registered in more than 35 countries, including Europe and the UK.

According to CEO Dr Jackie Fairley, “Starpharma is pleased to have added another Asian market to the growing list of countries where Viraleze nasal spray is registered, having now completed the approval process for Viraleze in Malaysia.

"Viraleze will be available immediately to consumers in Malaysia through an online web store and Starpharma also plans to make the product available locally through retail outlets, including pharmacies, as it is in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, UK, and Italy. We are encouraged by the positive uptake of Viraleze in Asia and look forward to launching the product in Malaysia as soon as practicable.”