Shaping the industry’s future starts with goals


AusBiotech is calling for feedback on the draft goals of the Biotech Blueprint: Australia’s life science industry’s decadal framework. These goals will set the structures for the broader strategy that will underpin and drive industry growth through to 2030.

AusBiotech welcomes feedback on the specific opportunities identified, as well as any others that should be highlighted. Engagement is important, as AusBiotech sets the foundations of a clear and ambitious plan for the future of our industry.

This plan will be progressed through 2021, and it is critical to ensure these initial pillars reflect what a vibrant and valuable Australian biotechnology industry could look like in another decade from now.

The six draft goals consider what success looks like for the biotech industry in 2030, and what metrics should be determined and tracked against, in order to identify the steps that should be taken in the near-term to realise industry’s positive future.

The goals have been developed taking into account the current state of the industry and future opportunities, global megatrends, and feedback from AusBiotech + Invest 2020’s panel session and from a number of key opinion leaders.

2020 has been a pivotal year in many ways, and so now is the time to be ambitious about how the biotechnology industry cannot just help solve problems, but also generate the long-term economic growth and social capital that will be needed as we emerge from the current pandemic.

AusBiotech is focused on delivery of members’ and industry’s needs, and is committed to growing the industry. The Biotech Blueprint is a powerful long-term approach to healthcare, and will ensure that the pipeline of innovative technologies being developed and manufactured in Australia continues to bring crucial life-enhancing and enriching benefits directly to patients.

The survey should take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Help shape the Biotech Blueprint; have your say by taking the survey now.