Sanofi launches recruitment drive for its Translational Science Hub in Queensland

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Sanofi has opened the first tranche of senior medical research career opportunities available at its Translational Science Hub in Queensland.

The company announced its major investment in Queensland late last year. It will be the dominant investor in the $280 million five-year mRNA Translational Science Hub with the University of Queensland, Griffith University and the state's government.

The hub will link its own researchers with those at the mRNA Centre of Excellence in France and the US.

It will initially focus on the evaluation of a new generation of mRNA vaccines and the development of mRNA immunisations, including a world-first mRNA vaccine for chlamydia.

Sanofi said the first career opportunities are for a Director of Clinical Operations, a Global Clinical Development Strategic Lead, Global Study Managers, a Strategic Partnerships Lead and a Project Coordinator.

All positions will be located at the hub in Brisbane.

“The Translational Science Hub is set to create up to 200 jobs and deliver long-term benefits for local manufacturing, the biomedical supply chain, and the health of Queenslanders," said Queensland Deputy Premier Dr Steven Miles.

"It’s an attractive offering for medical research specialists, to be linked with global experts and to put your mark on home-grown research and innovation,” he added.

The Country Medical Lead for Sanofi Australia and New Zealand, Dr Iris Depaz, said, “We are offering Global positions located in Queensland. The people we hire will have regular contact with Sanofi scientists in France and the US, while also working with our university partners in Queensland to develop the next generation of vaccines. This collaboration and knowledge sharing will accelerate the development of vaccine technology that has the potential to improve public health.

“These newly opened positions are truly special career opportunities for qualified people wanting to be part of a global research network while living in Queensland.”

Position descriptions are available via LinkedIn and the Sanofi Careers website