Rhythm Biosciences updates on ColoSTAT development

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Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY) says recent testing has indicated new antibodies for the key lead biomarker used in its ColoSTAT test are able to successfully differentiate between cancer and healthy samples.

The company said making this distinction marks a "crucial step" for ColoSTAT, its low-cost blood test for the detection of colorectal cancer.

“This is a significant milestone for RHY and the ColoSTAT test development. Taken together, the successful progression of these antibodies, and confirmation that the test discriminates between cancer and healthy samples, creates major value for Rhythm. This success buoys us for further development of the remaining biomarkers that will make up the final ColoSTAT test,” said CEO Glenn Gilbert.

“The optimization of this key lead biomarker is a critical developmental cornerstone for the ColoSTAT test. Previous antibodies were not able to distinguish between cancer and healthy samples. Achieving that ability for such a key biomarker is a hugely exciting milestone for us,” continued Mr Gilbert.

He added, “Looking ahead, we have identified preferred suppliers, consultants, manufacturers and have established a clear sequence of activities to further de-risk the science behind ColoSTAT, and achieve successful registration."