Rhythm Biosciences provides breast cancer diagnostic test update

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Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY) has provided an update on its cancer diagnostics technology platform expansion program in breast cancer.

Working with Agilex Biolabs, Rhythm said it had identified four biomarkers that exhibit a strong correlation with specific breast cancer subtypes.

It said a preliminary assessment of the potential biomarkers was performed by Agilex in a 'research use only' immunoassay study to evaluate these blood-based biomarkers from 100 breast cancer patients and 100 healthy volunteers.

The company said this early-stage R&D has identified important biomarker combinations that can distinguish between patients with breast cancer and healthy controls, with an 83 per cent sensitivity and a 90 per cent specificity.

It said the encouraging results warrant confirmation in a larger sample set and justify the continuation and advancement of the project, adding verification would support the case for investment in a new R&D program.