ResApp announces positive preliminary results from adult clinical study

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ResApp Health (ASX:RAP), the developer of smartphone medical applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease, has announced positive preliminary results from its first clinical study in adults underway at Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) in Perth.

The study has enrolled a total of 322 adult patients. The preliminary results on a 143 patient subset of the available data, prepared by the team led by Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne at The University of Queensland, demonstrate similarly high levels of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy as previously reported in ResApp’s paediatric study.

According to the company, these preliminary results show high levels of accuracy for distinguishing adult patients with COPD (96 per cent accuracy), asthma (92 per cent accuracy) or pneumonia (100 per centaccuracy) from subjects with no discernible respiratory disease using ResApp’s cough-based diagnostic technology.

Distinguishing the group of asthma and COPD patients from the no respiratory disease group was also achieved at an accuracy of 94 per cent. The differential diagnosis of asthma versus COPD, and pneumonia versus asthma was achieved at an accuracy in the range of 95-96 per cent.

“These are a terrific set of preliminary results that provide an excellent indication
that the algorithms which Dr Abeyratne’s team originally developed for children
are equally accurate in adults,” said Dr Tony Keating, CEO and Managing Director
of ResApp. “These results begin to build the foundation for our adult diagnostic
clinical and regulatory strategy and significantly increase the addressable market
for our technology.”

ResApp noted that the results are preliminary and may change as the clinical study progresses and more patients are added to the dataset. Larger datasets and prospective studies will be needed to produce results with higher statistical validity. Recruitment of adult patients at JHC continues and enrolment of patients at the Wesley Emergency Center in Brisbane, Queensland recently commenced.