Recce Pharmaceuticals announces appointment of executive chairman

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Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE) has announced the appointment of Dr John Prendergast as its executive chairman.

US-based Dr Prendergast transitions to the role having joined the board of directors as a non-executive director in April 2018. He was elevated to non-executive chairman in July 2019.

Dr Prendergast has extensive experience in commercialising pharmaceuticals for global markets, most notably in the US, together with an initial background in microbiology.

He also serves as non-executive chairman and co-founder of Palatin Technologies which is developing targeted therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with significant unmet medical needs and is the lead director of Nighthawk Biosciences.

Recce Pharmaceuticals CEO James Graham said, “We are delighted to welcome Dr Prendergast to a more active role active in the operational team. Bringing a depth of knowledge and well-recognised capability as a veteran in biotechnology and international capital markets, we greatly look forward to his continued contributions over the time ahead.”

Dr Prendergast said, “I am delighted to work alongside the expertise I’ve witnessed among the Recce team over these last 4 years. We are excited about the data from our current clinical programs and have great aspirations as we advance for our future Phase I & Phase II clinical trials as well as a suite of pre-clinical programs for a range of indications. Together with the support of our clinical collaborators, business partners and shareholders, we are proudly building a company with real global impact positioned to address and deliver on one of the greatest unmet medical needs currently faced by humanity.”