Race Oncology says preclinical study confirms promising kidney cancer results for Zantrene

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Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) has shared the final results from the clear cell renal cell carcinoma preclinical program led by eminent cancer researcher, Associate Professor Nikki Verrills of The University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute.

The company said the research found that Zantrene on its own and in combination with known kidney cancer drugs can kill kidney cancer cells at clinically relevant concentrations.

"These results support advancing Zantrene into the clinic as a possible new treatment option for advanced kidney cancer patients," it said.

Chief scientific officer Dr Daniel Tillett said, “The results from Prof Verrills laboratory are highly encouraging and supportive of our clinical plans for Zantrene in kidney cancer. Advanced kidney cancer has a large unmet need for improved treatment options and Zantrene in combination with existing treatments may offer new hope for patients with this devastating disease.”

Race Oncology CEO Phillip Lynch added, “We are again pleased to note Zantrene’s effectiveness both in isolation and in combination with other known kidney cancer treatments. This result encourages clinical translation, and we look forward to determining an optimal approach for progressing clinical study.”