Race Oncology updates on pre-clinical research of Bisantrene

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Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) has released further interim results from its continuing collaborative preclinical research program with The University of Newcastle.

The project is being led by Associate Professor Nikki Verrills of the Hunter Medical Research Institute.

The company said the aim of this preclinical research program is to explore the efficacy of Bisantrene in ovarian cancer.

Bisantrene was the subject of phase two clinical trials in the US in advanced ovarian cancer patients in the 1980s. These trials showed that Bisantrene was able to induce a clinical response in heavily pre-treated ovarian cancer patients, including those resistant to doxorubicin and other standard of care drugs of that time.

The new interim results show Bisantrene was able to kill cancer cells that were resistant to the current standard of care ovarian drugs, cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil and chlorambucil.

Race chief scientific officer Dr Daniel Tillett said, “These initial results from Nikki’s team further highlight Bisantrene’s potential use in ovarian cancer patients as a safer alternative to the commonly used anthracyclines which can be very dangerous to the hearts of patients. It is highly encouraging that bisantrene is able to kill ovarian cancer cells resistant to currently used treatments and these findings support further exploration of the use of Bisantrene in ovarian cancer patients.”

Race CEO Phillip Lynch added, “We continue to generate results reconfirming the historical positives for Bisantrene, in this case in ovarian cancer, the 5th most common form of cancer in women. Race Oncology has a broad range of opportunities, ovarian cancer included. This program is further evidence of Race delivering against the Three Pillar strategy, taking counsel, and completing feasibility assessments with a view to mapping promising yet attainable clinical paths for Bisantrene.”