PolyNovo gains access to US government contracts

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Melbourne-based PolyNovo has been granted access to the US Department of Defence (DoD) contracts through a Defence Acquisition and Program Administration (DAPA) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) contract.

The company said this access allows DoD facilities to purchase NovoSorb BTM for the treatment of serving military, veterans and their families. 

PolyNovo said it has also been granted access to several other United States Government contracts. The US Government will provide BTM access to Medicare/Medicaid patients under the Federal Supply Services (FSS) contract.

According to CEO Paul Brennan, “This access offers significant opportunity for NovoSorb BTM in a large network of military health care facilities in the US and globally.

"We are honoured to be able to supply the US armed forces, their families and veterans with lifesaving and life changing products. The US military have been very supportive of PolyNovo’s work with BARDA so it is very satisfying to now have the opportunity to supply the military with our products.”

“We are pleased that the reimbursed FSS access to Medicare/Medicaid patients will allow BTM to be used on patients who might not otherwise be able to access the products. The BTM is such an important product that we want it to be available as widely as possible,” said chairman David Williams.