PolyNovo announces European shipments of NovoSorb BTM

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PolyNovo (ASX:PNV) has announced it has received the first orders of NovoSorb BTM from PMI for use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

NovoSorb is a range of bio-resorbable polymers that can be produced in many formats including, film, fibre, foam, and coatings. NovoSorb BTM is a dermal scaffold for the regeneration of the dermis when lost through extensive surgery or burn.

The company said the first orders for NovoSorb BTM were shipped to hospitals in preparation for the first surgery and that the first surgery was recently performed in Germany with more scheduled.

According to PolyNovo CEO Paul Brennan, “PMI facilitated an impressive launch and demonstrated their excellent and established relationships with surgeons and hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The enthusiasm and engagement of surgeons for NovoSorb BTM is very exciting and likely to bring further product sales in the near term.”

PolyNovo Chairman David Williams said, “We are off and running in Europe. When we announced our EU approval in mid-December we said we expected near term sales. We have achieved that now and better still we have the first patients being treated.”