Planet Innovation produces beta units of point-of-care blood testing system

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Melbourne-based Planet Innovation, a health innovation and commercialisation company, has announced a partnership with US company Truvian to design and manufacture a new point-of-care blood testing device.

The objective is to make what are routine health tests more convenient, affordable, and actionable for consumers.

The company said its Carlsbad Manufacturing Support Facility has delivered the first fleet of beta units to Truvian

Anthony White, president of Planet Innovation (PI) North America, described the relationship with Truvian as a "true collaboration".

“PI is 100% behind Truvian’s vision to make routine health testing more accessible and affordable,” Anthony said.

“The combined Truvian and PI team brings together a proven track record in commercializing healthcare and diagnostic devices. We are committed to supporting Jeff and the Truvian team as they progress development and build the future of healthcare testing.”

Jeff Hawkins, President and CEO of Truvian, said the San Diego-based company’s aim is to give people immediate access to insights to inform their healthcare decisions.

“When we were evaluating potential partners to play a pivotal role of bringing our vision to life, PI’s deep experience in point-of-care diagnostics stood out,” said Mr Hawkins.

“We needed a partner with the skills, experience and rigor to help us deliver this transformational platform to market, and PI has been an essential partner every step of the way.”