PharmAust updates on phase 1 monepantel study

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Clinical-stage oncology company PharmAust (ASX:PAA) says it has received further positive results from its ongoing phase 1 trial program in healthy beagle dogs.

This latest trial tested the safety of monepantel tablets in an escalating single dose study. The beagles were sequentially treated with either 2, 4, 7 or 10 tablets and then monitored over three days for the appearance of any adverse clinical signs.

The company said monepantel tablets were well tolerated at all levels. No adverse effects, toxicity or safety-related observations were reported by the US-based independent research organisation conducting the study.

This follows the company's recent announcement that reported one tablet was sufficient to provide blood levels that associate with anti-cancer activity.

"The lack of adverse effects following administration of 10 tablets attests to an excellent safety margin for anticancer treatment," it said.

The company said it will now commence daily repeat dosing tests to determine how best to maintain long-term monepantel blood levels that correlate with enduring anti-cancer activity.

According to chief scientific officer Dr Richard Mollard, “These results continue to support the very high safety profile associated with monepantel. The results further provide the Company and its clinical associates with insight on a dosing strategy that will optimise the anti-cancer activity of monepantel in the upcoming Phase II trial. In the future it is envisaged that pet owners will be able to administer these tablets very simply to their dogs at home.”