PharmAust reports on Monepantel reformulation project

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PharmAust (ASX:PAA) has reported that the first milestones for its Monepantel reformulation project have been successful.

The company appointed BRI Pharmaceutical Research in July to reformulate Monepantel (MPL), the company’s lead compound in clinical development, to overcome the unpleasant taste of the current formulation and increase the dose of drug in each tablet or capsule to reduce overall pill burden.

The first progress report from BRI confirms substantial progress towards all key project milestones, said the company in a statement.

BRI is reported to have shown MPL is amenable to reformulation as either liquid or dry powder.

"This means MPL may be delivered as a capsule or a hard tablet depending on the route that best meets the company’s commercial objectives," said the company.

BRI has also identified formulations that can deliver up to six times more drug per capsule.

"This is very encouraging as it is approaching the company’s target dose of 10 times more drug per capsule. We remain optimistic that this will be achieved with further optimisation," said PharmAust.

In addition, BRI has confirmed that all formulations currently being assessed offer multiple options for significantly improving taste.  

PharmAust said it will update shareholders in early October when the next BRI report is due.