Patrys drug candidate highlighted in journal

Company News

Melbourne-based Patrys Limited (ASX:PAB) has announced publication of a new scientific article in the journal Clinical Cancer Research (CCR) regarding its IgM therapeutic candidate PAT-SM6.

Patrys’ principal focus is on the development of a new type of product for the treatment of cancer – natural human antibodies.

The article reports on the positive response of a patient to PAT- SM6 in combination with other marketed multiple myeloma drugs.

The clinical results for this patient were first disclosed by Patrys in May 2014. The CCR article is currently available online and will be included in a future print edition of the journal.

The paper, which combines cell and clinical studies, describes the clinical progression of multiple myeloma and the issues associated with resistance to currently approved therapies.

According to the company, of particular relevance was the observation that levels of surface glucose-regulated protein 78 (sGRP78) increased in drug resistant and late-stage MM disease.

"As PAT-SM6 binds to GRP78 collaborating clinicians believed that it would be a potent agent to combine with existing therapies," it said.

The combination of PAT-SM6, bortezomib and lenalidomide was tested in a multi-drug resistant multiple myeloma patient who responded positively, with partial remission of both intra-and extramedullary lesions.

“Patrys believes that IgM antibodies have a valuable role to play in the treatment of a range of cancers, and this clinical experience supports this view” said Dr James Campbell, recently appointed CEO and Managing Director of Patrys. “At this time, additional clinical investigation with PAT-SM6 remains on hold until process development and manufacturing optimisation can be achieved - potentially through strategic partnerships.”