Patrys boosts search for partners as investors cheer new data

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A significant boost for Melbourne-based Patrys (ASX:PAB) with the biotechnology company announcing new preclinical data that shows its investigational PAT-DX1-NP is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and target triple-negative breast cancer brain metastases.

In a statement, the company said Dr James Hansen and Dr Jiangbing Zhou of the Yale School of Medicine found PAT-DX1-NP improved the delivery of nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier by 260 per cent in a mouse model of target triple-negative breast cancer brain metastases.

It said the data "clearly illustrated" that PAT-DX1-NPs were specifically targeting regions of the brain where more metastatic tissue was localised, reinforcing the potential use of this technology for therapeutic targeting.

Investors responded to the news by boosting the company's share price by 23 per cent.

The vast majority of small molecule therapeutics are unable to cross the blood-brain barrier meaning they are unable to be used as therapeutic interventions for disorders of the central nervous system.

According to CEO and managing director Dr James Campbell, “Following ongoing discussions at several partnering events, Patrys has expanded efforts to leverage the platform technology applications of the Deoxymab technology.

"The confirmation that PAT-DX1-NP delivers payloads across the BBB holds significant promise for numerous existing small molecule therapeutics that are currently not able to enter the brain to treat primary cancers and metastases.

“With our ongoing manufacturing and development program, Patrys’ focus remains on the progression of PAT-DX1 to the clinic as a novel therapeutic for the treatment of a range of cancers. Exciting too, is an opportunity to now offer potential partners a deeper understanding of the broader applications of the Deoxymab platform technology – which we hope, in time, will unlock the body’s full defence systems in the fight against cancer.”