Patents Accessibility Review submission


AusBiotech has used its submission on the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ Patents Accessibility Review to support efforts that ensure the patent system represents an accessible and useful resource for SMEs.

The review is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to ensuring IP frameworks support the needs of SMEs and protects their inventions in Australia and overseas. It included reviewing costs, processing times, advice and SME awareness levels; and options to improve access and support.

AusBiotech promoted the value of providing skills and raising awareness on the value and importance of IP within SMEs, and is engaging with the Department to support these efforts.

Its recommendations included the development of targeted information to enhance SME IP literacy and understanding of the patent system; government funding programmes and/or tax incentives that prioritise the commercialisation end of the research pipeline and assistance to encourage Australian SMEs to register, insure and promote eligible IP, including patents; and the development of ‘IP Audit Check lists’ for each stage of the commercialisation process.

Australia’s mature and thriving life sciences industry operates in a globally competitive market that demands we create and maintain the business conditions that maximise our competitiveness. AusBiotech’s response noted that when making any changes to the IP framework or patent system the Australian Government should be conscious of the nature of this market.

The Patents Accessibility Review relates to 2019 consultations, including Commercialising Business Ideas discussion paper, conducted by the Department, with the intent of better understanding the needs of innovative SMEs.

This response was led by AusBiotech’s Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG), which provides advice to AusBiotech on intellectual property issues from across the life sciences industry. AusBiotech extends its sincerest thanks to Dr Brett Lunn, Patent Attorney & Managing Partner, FB Rice, who is stepping down as Chair of IPAG.

Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO, AusBiotech, said: “On behalf of the sector, I wish to thank Brett for his seven years of generous commitment to the Intellectual Property Advisory Group. His Chairmanship has driven strategic and proactive advocacy decisions, and we look forward to continuing to working with him through the AusMedtech Advisory Group.” The new Chair of the IPAG is yet to be appointed.

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