Osteopore strengthens presence in the eastern region of the US

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Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has announced that its US sales distribution partner, Bioplate, has entered a strategic sub-distribution partnership with Kelyniam.

Kelyniam specialises in rapidly producing custom prosthetics using computer-aided design and manufacturing advanced medical-grade polymers.

Osteopore said its products are already available in the US and have FDA clearance. It said Kelyniam's primary initial focus will be to secure sales of its products in a targeted set of approximately 20 hospitals across eight key states.

Osteopore believes it is now equipped with the resources and channels to "meaningfully operate" in the US. The pricing structure in the US also has the potential to improve top-line revenue with product average selling prices between three to five times higher compared to countries in ASEAN and Asia Pacific.

Osteopore’s executive chairman, Mark Leong said, “We are excited to work closely with Kelyniam and Bioplate to achieve our shared goals and contribute to the ongoing advancement of patient care and improved surgical outcomes. Their industry knowledge and dedication to excellence make them the perfect partner to help us expand our reach and impact in the North-East United States."

CEO of Kelyniam Global Ross Bjella added, “Kelyniam continues to seek collaboration with technology-leading companies in cranial surgery. The Osteopore technology will allow our sales representatives to bring this regenerative platform to surgeons who look to Kelyniam for innovative products. The Osteopore relationship provides Kelyniam the opportunity to further expand our position in the U.S. market. We are excited to support the adoption of this totally new technology in selected hospitals across several states.”