Orthocell announces positive nerve regeneration results for CelGro

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Australian regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX:OCC) has announced the first interim data of all patients in the CelGro nerve regeneration trial at 12 months post-treatment.

The company said positive clinical data shows nerve repair with CelGro following injury to the spinal cord, brachial plexus and other peripheral arm/hand nerves consistently restores arm and hand function.

Orthocell managing director Paul Anderson said, “Consistently returning function to paralysed upper limbs is the primary goal in this study. I am delighted by the 12-month follow up results, our most complete data set to date, demonstrating higher quality outcomes, improved predictability, and consistency of return of muscle function following CelGro nerve regeneration treatment.”

The company said patients in the clinical trial suffered traumatic nerve injuries following motor vehicle, sporting and/or work related incidents, resulting in partial or total loss of use of their arms and, in more severe cases, their legs and torso as well (quadriplegia).

Patients experienced significant pain and were unable to perform basic activities of daily living. Without surgery they would not have regained normal use of their injured arm and hand.

Patients received one or more nerve repairs augmented with CelGro in one or both upper limbs.

Recovery after treatment was assessed by grading the strength of target muscles closest to the site of nerve repair. Follow up data at 12 months was available for 16 of 19 patients involving 33 nerve repairs.

The company said results showed 75.8 per cent (25 of 33) of nerve repairs resulted in functional recovery of muscles controlled by the repaired nerve.

Australian orthopaedic nerve specialist and clinical trial lead Dr Alex O’Beirne said, “We are now seeing a consistent return of arm and hand function following nerve transfer surgery with CelGro. The quadriplegic patient results are particularly promising, with improved results at 12 months post-treatment compared to the literature. CelGro is increasing the success rate and efficiency of nerve transfer surgery. Seeing patients regain enough independence so that they can be involved in family life and return to work is very rewarding.”