Opyl partners with L39 Capital to launch AI biotech fund utilising TrialKey technology

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AI-driven clinical trial design and optimisation Opyl (ASX:OPL) has announced a strategic partnership with L39 Capital to establish a Biotech Fund.

This collaboration aims to raise $100 million within 36 months and will leverage Opyl's proprietary TrialKey technology to generate significant capital appreciation for investors.

Opyl will provide its TrialKey technology under a perpetual license and will receive an upfront payment of $25,000. It will also obtain a 19.9 per cent equity stake in the AI Fund Manager and a 25 per cent share of the fees earned by the fund.

TrialKey uses AI technology to support clinical trial design and execution. The platform provides tailored, actionable insights, enhancing success rates while aiming to reduce time and costs.

Opyl executive chairman Saurabh Jain said, "This partnership marks a significant milestone for Opyl. By integrating TrialKey's predictive technology into an investment fund, we are creating a new revenue stream and demonstrating the transformative potential of AI in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries."