Opal to participate in ARC-funded 'Hub'

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Australian infectious disease therapy company Opal Biosciences has announced its participation in the successful Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance.

As part of its Industrial Transformation Research Hubs initiative, the ARC awarded this Hub almost $5 million. The Hub will focus on sexually transmitted microorganisms, a critical area of concern in Australia and globally, as an example of the wider problem of antimicrobial resistance. 

Combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognised as a priority of Australia’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

Opal said it will leverage this research-industry collaboration through accessing further expertise to understand the potential efficacy of its lead compound BDM-I in particular as a potential therapeutic for the sexually-transmitted infection, gonorrhoea and inform progress towards clinical trials.

The Hub will be led by Professor Rebecca Guy at the University of New South Wales.