On Q Recruitment Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey

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The Annual On Q Recruitment Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey is now in its tenth year.

The survey conducted by leading scientific, technical and medical recruitment firm, On Q, is designed to help employees and employers know where they sit in terms of competitiveness in the Australian and New Zealand employment market.

Since its inception in 2006, over 10,000 people from across 12 industries and 140 job titles have taken part in the survey. As one of the longest continuous running surveys, the cumulative data is unsurpassed in industry.

It provides unique insight into current market trends for salaries, position responsibilities and job satisfaction in a number of sectors across both Australia and New Zealand.

According to On Q founder and director, Catherine O'Mahony, previous survey results have identified strong trends around a number of key themes including: salary and remuneration structure; job security; employee welfare; and, adoption of innovation in the workplace.

"The reasons people stay or leave a company doesn't seem to change but there can also be external drivers, such as the large number of mergers we've seen in recent years," she told BiotechDispatch. "Career development remains the number one driver for people and the biopharmaceutical industry does that better than most."

Ms O'Mahony said managers can use the survey results as another tool to help their staff, particularly around salary and non-cash benefits.

On Q recognises that industry wants timely access to the results so it will provide survey participants with early access to the outcomes. It has also entered a media partnership with Daily Dispatch, the publisher of BiotechDispatch and PharmaDispatch , to ensure our readers have access to key results ahead of time.

Once the results are released they will then be freely available for download.

There are a number of other incentives to encourage participation in the survey, including weekly prize draws. To participate in the survey or for more information click here.

The survey takes just 10 minutes to compete. All individual answers are held in the strictest of confidence with only aggregate data shared. The survey is open until 3 June 2016.