OBJ reports trial and consumer research results

Company News

OBJ has reported that The University of Queensland (UQ) has completed its clinical trial examining the efficacy of its Bodyguard Kneeguard against a popular topical non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory.

The company said the trial met its primary objective. It also reported that a follow‐up post usage consumer study conducted by Ipsos Australia to examine purchase intent, overall liking, value and uniqueness of Kneeguard (Consumer Study) has also been completed.

The double blind trial involving 114 males aged between 40 and 55 was conducted by Professor Bill Vicenzino of the University of Queensland with the support of Professor Tony Wright.

It found that the Kneeguard significantly improved performance in the Aggregated Function Score (AFS) over a two week period. It was also equivalent to the non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory for the sport and function components of the KOOS (knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score) questionnaire.

"The Kneeguard achieved a statistically greater reduction in worst pain score (32%) compared to the Product (17%) after just two weeks usage," said the company.

Participants in the clinical trial reported higher skin irritation levels with the Bodyguard product. The company said it believes it has already addressed this issue with the adoption of a new Hydrogen gel technology.

The consumer study found that participants indicated a preference for Kneeguard over using the non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory.

According to OBJ, the Kneeguard outperformed the non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory on a number of  indicators, including purchase intent, NPS (being a measure of participants’ intent to recommend the product), value and uniqueness.

"3 in 10 users consider Kneeguard to be the best product they have ever tried and more than one in four claim they would definitely buy the starter kit," it said. "The key strengths of Kneeguard are its ease of use, wearability, comfort, aesthetic and its ability to reduce knee pain over time."

“The Body Guard trial results are very positive in demonstrating an improvement in function that is at least equivalent to the results achieved with a gold standard topical non‐steroidal and a reduction in pain that was greater than the comparator treatment. This is a very positive development for this new and innovative approach to managing joint degeneration," said Professor Wright.

"There is an opportunity for further product development and evaluation over a longer time frame but this is undoubtedly an important step forward in developing a very innovative approach for a significant healthcare problem," he added.

According to OBJ Managing Director, Jeff Edwards, “These results confirm the potential that our Bodyguard technology products can provide a safe, effective and easy to use method of restoring and maintaining a physically activity lifestyle, even for those already suffering from joint pain. While the use of such a wearable technology product represents a large shift in consumer behaviour , the feedback from the trial participants highlights the appeal of this new approach to joint health maintenance can bring.”

OBJ said it plans to distribute the Bodyguard products, when fully developed, through its existing network of international consumer goods partners. Procter & Gamble (P&G) has an exclusive first right to review the trial and research results.