NSW medical devices fund closing soon

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The New South Wales’s Medical Devices Fund closes on Monday 25 February 2019, with over $8 million available for the 2019-2020 financial year.

The Medical Devices Fund is a competitive technology development and commercialisation programme, aiming to provide support to individuals, companies, public and private hospitals, medical research institutes, universities and the medical devices industry, to take local innovation to market. It also seeks to increase the uptake of NSW medical devices by the health system where they are cost-effective and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Since the first round in 2013, recipients of the NSW Medical Devices Fund have been awarded more than $50 million for 31 technologies, which in turn have now treated over 180,000 patients and are delivering better patient outcomes for NSW. The fund invests in the development and commercialisation of medical devices and related technologies in NSW, with some past recipients later gaining high-profile investors.

2018 grant projects include:

  • The affordable dialysis system – a new system for dialysis treatment of kidney failure
  • Preclinical verification of kits for scalable gene delivery – important for gene therapies which will cure many forms of cancer over the next decade
  • Registration of TrimphDent – The only bone graft substitute in the world to be applied in liquid form, halving the time of patient recovery, and requiring no specialised preparation or additional surgical expertise
  • Project Geldom – the next generation of condom created from hydrogel material, meaning a better feeling, more appealing, safer and potentially cheaper option
  • Active lymphoedema device – a portable and flexible transducer that can move fluid under the skin, giving patients the freedom to move around while wearing it
  • A novel treatment for corneal ulceration and the prevention of corneal blindness – a hand-held 3D printer and ink to treat corneal injuries, resulting in a smoother wound healing process, and shorter recovery time.
  • Orthocentric – custom implants for total knee replacement patients.

Preliminary applications close 5.00 pm, Monday 25 February.

Learn more about the eligibility and selection criteria, and apply here.