NSW launches strategy to boost medical technology industry


In support of the largest medical technology industry in Australia, the NSW Departments of Industry and Health have recently launched the NSW Medical Technology Industry Development Strategy 2018 to promote further growth and innovation in the industry.

The strategy consists of a set of five key strategy areas underpinned by initiatives, which aim to:

  1. Support industry in commercialising research and development;
  2. Grow exports and attract investment into the NSW medical technology sector;
  3. Support skills development;
  4. Improve connectivity and collaboration within the NSW medical technology industry; and
  5. Improve the business environment.

The medical technology industry in NSW generates an estimated $4.8 billion in revenue per year. While the sector is growing, there are significant opportunities to accelerate this growth with the potential to create an additional 28,000 jobs and $18 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) nationally by 2025.

MedTech Connect Program

The NSW Department of Industry invites medical technology companies in NSW to register and participate in the newly established MedTech Connect Program - and industry-led program that will include project facilitation, networking events, and capability-building workshops, while facilitating connection and collaboration across the industry.

Sign up here online. 

Download the NSW Medical Technology Industry Development Strategy.