Noxopharm updates on positive trial results

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Australian company Noxopharm (ASX:NOX) has reported positive end-of-study data from its DARRT-1 Phase 1b trial of Veyonda.

According to CEO and chairman Dr Graham Kelly, “This is exciting data that validates our confidence in the future of the NOX66 DARRT treatment regimen.

"NOX66 DARRT has delivered a very meaningful anti-cancer effect in a high proportion of men, halting progression of their disease and providing an average 80% reduction in their pain levels, including some men becoming pain-free.”

"In this trial, 10 of 15 (66%) men at the conclusion of the study had responded to treatment with stable disease or better at 6-months following start of treatment (as determined radiographically) and with significantly lower pain levels," said the company.

“A 66% response rate is a substantial response rate for such late-stage disease, putting NOX66 DARRT right at the top end of response rates in late-stage cancer,” said Dr Kelly.

He added, “The combination of Veyonda and low-dose radiotherapy has proven to be very well-tolerated and minimally intrusive, important factors for patients with advanced cancer and generally poor health when considering their future. Another positive is that NOX66 DARRT uses external beam radiotherapy, a relatively inexpensive and readily-available source of radiotherapy around the world, supporting wide uptake."