Novartis oncology leader joins board of local biotech

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The managing director of Novartis Oncology for Australia and New Zealand, Cheryl Maley, has been appointed to the board of Australian biotechnology company Medlab (ASX:MDC).

Medlab is developing a range of products focused on pain management, depression and obesity. It also has in-market nutritional products in Australia and the US. Its key medicinal cannabis pain management products currently in development are based on the nano-particle medicine delivery system.

The company recently completed a $15 million capital raise and executed an agreement with Arrotex for the distribution of its medicinal cannabis product across Australian pharmacy.

Cheryl Maley joins the Medlab board having worked in a wide variety of roles in the pharmaceutical industry for over two decades.

"Mrs Maley is a knowledgeable and multi-functional leader with a proven track record in accelerating and driving long-term strategic growth through innovation, partnering and steering organisational development and projects," said Medlab in a statement.

“We are delighted to welcome Cheryl to the Board of Medlab Clinical,” said Michael Hall, chairman of Medlab. “This is an important appointment that broadens the Board’s skill set and is aligned with our strategic focus to commercialise novel pharmaceutical products and expand further into overseas markets.

“Cheryl’s global focus, especially within her US (Chicago-based for three years) and Asia tenure (Philippines-based for three years) in seeing products through to regulatory approval and knowledge of the oncology market, will be invaluable as we embark on the next stage of our journey."