Nominations for GSK award now open

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Nominations for GSK’s Award for Research Excellence are now open.

The award winner receives an $80,000 grant to support their research. Nominations are open until 10 July.

The GSK Award for Research Excellence, recognised as one of the most prestigious available to the Australian medical research community, has been awarded since 1980.

Last year’s was awarded to Professors Arthur Christopoulos and Patrick Sexton for their research into G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).

Professor Sexton said the award has helped advance their work. The prospect of “dimmer switch” medicines offers hope for patients with chronic conditions with a more tailored approach.

“The award has greatly assisted us in progressing our research into understanding novel drug behavoiurs. We are now looking into new areas to help patients suffering from a range of diseases that are currently sub-optimally treated,” said Professor Sexton.

Dr Andrew Weekes, GSK Australia medical director, said the company is proud to be able to support local researchers with the award now in its 37th year.

“GSK is honoured to support the research community and their discoveries, which we believe will one day help patients. The award is a flagship programme for GSK Australia and a highlight in our calendar each year,” said Dr Weekes.

“Ground-breaking medical research is only possible if a range of industry, academia, professional bodies and Government work together. If Australia is to remain a world leader in medical research then it’s important we all get behind our local researchers and scientists,” he added.

Successful applicants are generally mid-career researchers with a long-standing commitment to their field. The winner will be announced on Thursday 12 October at the Annual Research Australia Awards.