New trial for iSonea home monitoring device

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iSonea has confirmed Institutional Review Board approval has been received to conduct a research study of its home monitoring device, AirSonea, at the University of Chicago in the division of Medicine and Biological Sciences.

The Principal Investigator will be Professor Edward Naureckas, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory and the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program. Dr Naureckas is an expert in the pulmonary conditions including asthma, adult cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He specialises in pulmonary function testing to determine the cause and severity of complex lung disorders.

This study will collect and record breath sounds data using AirSonea platform from patients in all age groups (infants to geriatrics) under realistic ambient conditions.

The study hypothesis is that the AirSonea is at least as accurate in detection and quantifying wheeze as the consensus of: (a) physicians; and, (b) a panel of technical experts who evaluate these recordings.

AirSonea is designed to work with smartphones and the AirSonea asthma management app to record wheezeRATE results, track triggers, symptoms and medication, with the goal of improving adherence to asthma management plans.

AirSonea data is stored in the cloud for easy sharing with healthcare professionals via email.

This company said the study will commence soon and will include 90 subjects.