New patent for AtCor Medical in Japan

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Sydney-based AtCor Medical (ASX:ACG), the developer and marketer of the SphygmoCor system that measures central aortic blood pressures and arterial stiffness non-invasively, has announced it has been granted a new patent 'Brachial Cuff' in Japan.

The non-invasive SphygmoCor system identifies the effects of reflected blood pressure in the central aortic pressure wave – effects that can not be detected with standard blood pressure monitoring.

The new patent in Japan establishes a proprietary position for the company in measuring central aortic pressure waveforms using a standard brachial cuff with a transfer function, and confers intellectual property rights to AtCor until November 2032.

According to the company, a transfer function is the only proven methodology to non-invasively derive all central pressure waveform features. These are directly related to cardiovascular function and ensure equivalence to invasive measurement of central aortic pressures.

"SphygmoCor pioneered this application of a transfer function and its intellectual property continues to protect the company from competitors replicating its precision. This patent further extends SphygmoCor competitive advantage," said the company in a statement.

“This patent locks in significant competitive advantage for AtCor,” said AtCor Medical CEO Duncan Ross. "Being awarded this patent continues our progress in Japan, following appointment of our distribution partner A&D Company Limited which is already marketing SphygmoCor XCEL to the medical community. With central pressures being added to the Japanese Society of Hypertension Guidelines in 2014, this further strengthens our position in the world’s second largest medical device market.”

The company also said an application for the same patent is well advanced in US.