New name for QuintilesIMS

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A new brand for QuintilesIMS with the provider of analytics and health information adopting the name IQVIA (I-Q-Vee-A).

“Today is a defining moment for our organization as we introduce a new name that aligns with our vision to help stakeholders drive healthcare forward,” said IQVIA chairman and CEO Ari Bousbib.

“Our clients have been instrumental in our becoming IQVIA. IMS Health and Quintiles came together because our clients were asking for better, faster ways to bring innovations to patients and capture the improvements the industry has been pursuing for years.

"Since the merger, we’ve worked to integrate our capabilities in advanced analytics, leading technologies and therapeutic expertise into powerful, differentiated offerings. Our vision is to outpace the inevitable progress of change across the life sciences and accelerate our ability to empower healthcare decision makers to meet the future head on.”

IMS, one of the world's largest healthcare data and consulting firms, merged with the world's largest clinical research organisations, Quintiles, in 2016. Their US$19 billion merged created a 50,000 person company.

The company said its client-based solutions are now underpinned by the IQVIA CORE.

"The CORE enables IQVIA to provide customized solutions for clients leveraging the world’s largest curated healthcare information source, advanced analytics, leading technologies and extensive industry knowledge across diseases, geographies, and scientific methods," it said.