New manufacturing agreement for Telix Pharmaceuticals

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Telix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:TLX) has announced an agreement with Global Medical Solutions to manufacture and supply finished unit doses of Molecularly Targeted Radiation products for clinical development programs.

Global Medical Solutions (GMA) is a global manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Under the terms of the agreement, GMS will initially manufacture and deliver finished unit doses of Telix’s investigational prostate cancer therapy products TLX591 and TLX592 to sites in Australia for the planned ProstACT phase three and CUPID phase one trials.

Telix said the agreement is structured to support its manufacturing needs for further products and incorporates potential future product distribution requirements in the Asia-Pacific region. 

According to CEO Dr Christian Behrenbruch, “GMS is a dynamic nuclear medicine company with a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical agents to rigorous quality standards. We are pleased to have entered this manufacturing partnership with GMS, which supports our immediate clinical development activities in Australia as we commence key clinical trials. Our agreement also paves the way for a longer-term product relationship within the region, particularly in ASEAN countries where GMS is strongly positioned in terms of regulatory expertise and market access.”

GMS senior vice president of operations and business development Shahe Bagerdjian said,“Telix has quickly grown into a global theranostics leader with an impressive pipeline of investigational products. We look forward to leveraging our strengths in manufacturing and distribution to support Telix’s development of their lead prostate cancer therapy candidates in these important clinical trials in Australia. GMS is committed to expanding access to diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides in Australia and more broadly in the Asia-Pacific region. We are well placed to support Telix to develop and ultimately deliver these products to patients with prostate cancer in need.”