New fact sheet: Human germline genome editing

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AusBiotech has published a new fact sheet to contribute to evidence-informed discussions about human germline genome editing.

Responsible and measured development of cell-based gene therapies takes time. The focus of human gene editing should remain on non-inheritable changes at least until such time as the scientific evidence, regulatory frameworks and health care models have progressed sufficiently to warrant consideration of any heritable genetic edits.

Overall, AusBiotech supports a sensible, scientific, and evidence-informed approach to adoption of gene editing techniques. This should include monitoring of technological progress towards address current limitations that affect safety and efficacy as well as continued engagement amongst patients, medical researchers, bioethicists, industry and the wider community. Regulatory certainty is also important for researchers and industry.

The fact sheet was developed together with AusBiotech’s Regenerative Medicines Advisory Group, and is a part of AusBiotech’s broader work to support policies and issues of benefit to the industry. Australia holds a thriving, world-class scientific community, and therapeutic products using gene technology will become increasingly prevalent in the future.

Gene technology is a global conversation and during development of the fact sheet, guidance was taken from a range of reputable organisations such as BIO (Biotechnology Innovation Organisation), and the Alliance of Regenerative Medicine.

Read the Human germline genome editing fact sheet here.