New collaboration on medicinal cannabis trials

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Melbourne-based precision medication management company Ward MM is partnering with US-based Endocanna Health on medicinal cannabis trials and related research in Australia.  

“Ward MM believes ongoing research and clinical verification of genetic markers related to cannabinoid metabolism will not only power future clinical trials but also help avoid possible adverse side effects in a similar way that Cytochrome P450 genetic profiling along with other markers are used,” said DR Rocco Iannello, head of research and business development for Ward MM.

“We're very excited to participate with Ward MM in ongoing clinical trials and verification of Endocannabinoid genetics. Our partnership will allow both companies to expand our technology platforms and incorporate Endocannabinoid pharmacogenomics along with the Ward MM’s drug interaction data to build AI machine learning models with the goal of optimizing how we experience cannabis.  Working together, we’ll make cannabis personal,” commented Len May, CEO and co-founder of Endocanna Health.