Neurotech makes first shipment of Mente Autism devices

Company News

Neuroscience company Neurotech International (ASX:NTI) says it has reached a major company milestone with the first shipment of Mente Autism devices to Italy.

The company announced shipment of 30 devices was completed this week with an initial launch to be conducted in Italy’s Campania region.

Delivery of the first Mente Autism units to Italy comes after local product registration was recently completed, the final requirement of Neurotech prior to shipment of the device as part of its Italian distribution agreement. The agreement will see the purchase of a minimum of 8,700 units over the next three years.

Training of the local distributor’s sales teams and medical experts has commenced and is ongoing, with various marketing initiatives underway, said the company.

“To deliver the first Mente Autism devices to our Italian distribution partner is a pivotal commercial milestone,” said Neurotech CEO Wolfgang Storf.

“We look forward to building on this momentum with increased orders of units flowing to Italy as we move into 2017, as well as the potential for further distribution agreements covering additional geographies.”

Mente Autism is a EEG device that uses neuro-feedback technology to help children with autism spectrum disorder.