Moderna appoints director of regional research centre

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Moderna has announced the appointment of Dr Craig Rayner as the director of its Regional Centre for Respiratory Medicine and Tropical Disease.

The centre has been established as part of the company's partnership with the Australian Government to support local mRNA research and development.

Dr Rayner brings more than 20 years of experience in global clinical pharmacology and medicine development spanning clinical practice, academia, entrepreneurship and industry including executive R&D roles at Roche, CSL, d3 Medicine and Certara in Switzerland, the UK, the US and Australia.

His primary career focus has been global health and infectious diseases.

“We’re delighted to welcome Craig to Moderna. Craig’s understanding of Australia’s R&D landscape, depth of experience in global clinical pharmacology and medical development will enable Moderna to advance mRNA innovation in Australia,” said Moderna general manager Michael Azrak.

“I have long admired Moderna’s role in pioneering impactful mRNA science and see this as such an exciting new age in therapeutics and vaccine development. I am thrilled to join Moderna and be able to partner with globally renowned scientists and clinicians across Australia, to accelerate new mRNA medicines to patients and contribute to the growth of a vibrant mRNA R&D ecosystem,” added Dr Rayner.