Minister engages in Industry Forum


AusBiotech has welcomed Minister Husic’s attendance and engagement at an Industry Forum, held in Sydney last week with key CEOs, to discuss the Biotechnology Blueprint, a decadal plan for the industry’s future.

AusBiotech CEO Lorraine Chiroiu thanked the Minister and noted the industry's appreciation for “his level of interest, engagement and insightful questions.”

The attending CEOs provided an overview of the sector and the Blueprint and brought lived experience and vignettes pertinent to building an understanding of the current environment in which the sector is operating.

The meeting held at SpeeDx, discussed the importance, impact and value of key Government programmes for Australia’s biotechnology industry’s development and sought to empower all to collectively work together to foster a growing and strong biotechnology and life science industry.

A key discussion was the development of the National Reconstruction Fund, now that the new Fund has been legislated.