Microba Life Sciences and Illumina partner to accelerate microbiome research

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Microba Life Sciences says it has united with Illumina, a global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, to advance understanding of the human gut microbiome in human health and disease.

Microba said the partnership will involve its proprietary gut microbiome analysis platform with Illumina’s Next Generation Sequencing tools to generate the accurate metagenomic data researchers require to make new discoveries.

They will work together to enable research studies that reveal connections between the microbiome and human health from mental health and Parkinson’s disease to nutrition and sleep.

Microba CEO Mr Blake Wills said the partnership would further accelerate the adoption of gut microbiome profiling for research into human disease.

“There remains huge potential for research to enhance our understanding of the role the gut microbiome plays in health and disease states,” he said.

“Combining Microba’s deep analysis capability with Illumina’s advanced technology, this potential is being realised.”

Illumina vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific and Japan, Gretchen Weightman, said that by working together the companies could rapidly deliver insights and the accessibility of gut microbiome analysis.

“With genomic sequencing at the forefront of understanding human health, the partnership will aim to explore and demonstrate potential applications of gut microbiome profiling by combining Illumina’s established credibility and global reach in NGS with Microba’s progressive analytical services,” she said.