Medtech features in April journal


The Australian medtech sector takes centre stage in the April edition of Australasian Biotechnology, AusBiotech’s official journal, in anticipation of the upcoming AusMedtech 2017 and International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (ICMMB) 2017 conference.

This edition provides in-depth commentary on clinical trials, digital health, investment trends, regulatory updates, research breakthroughs and other topics that play a critical role in the medical devices and diagnostics industry with diverse contributors discussing medtech from industry, research and government and perspectives.

Highlights include Sue MacLeman, CEO, MTPConnect, examining how we can maintain Australia’s competitive advantage in clinical trials; Dr Samih Nabulsi, General Manager, Cook Medical Australia, exploring innovation, collaboration and commercialisation; medtech for skin disease diagnosis, with Samuel Holt, founder of SkinView; investment and intellectual property with Rob McInnes, Partner, DibbsBarker.

The April edition also includes regular features, including messages from the Chair and CEO, who provided a synopsis of last year’s hugely successful International BioFest and outlined a roadmap for AusBiotech’s strategy in 2017.

AusBiotech Chairman Julie Phillips, said: “In the coming year, AusBiotech will place particular emphasis on strengthening its investment program; focus on policy that encourages investment; investigate a biotech-investing literacy program; seek opportunities to educate decision-makers about biotech’s unique business model; and attract further investment into the sector.”

AusBioSTOCK by Joanna Hill, Financial Advisor, Baillieu Holst, has demonstrated a market cap of $100.042 billion for the biotech sector. Among the top performers for the quarter were Phylogica, Mesoblast, Immuron, Benitec, Cellmid, Neuren, CSL, Universal Biosensors and Anatara Lifesciences.

The journal also includes a list of AusBiotech corporate members and welcomes new members with dedicated companies. AusBiotech members (located in Australia) will shortly receive a print copy of the journal in the mail.

The next edition of Australasian Biotechnology will be released in July. Please contact AusBiotech if you are interested in contributing or view the media kit to find out about advertising opportunities.

Australasian Biotechnology is published tri-annually in partnership with Executive Media.