Medlab signs agreement for new study

Company News

Medical life science company, Medlab Clinical Limited (ASX:MDC), has signed an agreement to initiate a study to compare how its NanoCelle Atorvastatin oral spray, called 'NanoStat', patent pending, compares with taking statin tablets, like Lipitor, the off patent market leader. 

The size of the statins market worldwide, predominantly comprised of tablets, is significant and has been estimated at US$12 billion in 2018. 

Medlab’s research to date indicates that a more direct oral spray will enable smaller doses and by reducing dosage, remove much of the statin side effects, reported by approximately one-third of patients, predominantly experiencing some form of pain.

According to Medlab CEO, Sean Hall, testing of Nanocelle with statins in the lab had been promising but an independent study was required to provide objective evidence for those pharma companies which had shown an interest to date. 

“Positive outcomes would lead to growing market interest in this development and wider application of the technology to other major off patent drugs,” said Mr Hall.

Medlab’s study agreement is with Zenith Technology Corporation of Dunedin New Zealand, a certified research organisation which does clinical trials and analysis to recognised international pharmaceutical industry standards.