Medlab initiates next stage of NanaBis trial

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Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) says it has successfully completed stage 1 of the NanaBis human trial on cancer patients at Royal North Shore Hospital and has received formal approval from the Independent Data Safety Monitoring Board to proceed to stage 2.

NanaBis is the company's cannabis-based medicine.

The company said stage 2 of the trial will focus on further safety but also tolerance and dose escalation. It will continue with cancer patients but with unmanaged pain.

Medlab said it is "extremely pleased" to report, based on data from stage 1 of the trial, that NanaBis is safe and effective up to nine hours following a single dose administered.

"Early indications confirm that NanaBis helps with pain reduction," it said.

According to Professor Luis Vitetta, Medlab's director of medical research, “This is an extremely encouraging result, from all aspects of the data that we are seeing.”

Dr Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab, said, “These results confirm and validate our original hypothesis and offer a true alternative to current pain medications. I’m looking forward to data from Stage 2. Although pain measurement was not a key part of Stage 1, the early results of pain reduction while being administered NanaBis was very encouraging.”