Medlab commences cancer pain trial

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Medlab has announced the commencement of a trial of NanaBis, its cannabis-based medicine for advanced cancer pain.

According to managing director, Dr Sean Hall, “This is what we have been working towards. It’s a key milestone for the Company, we have a validated GMP Australian manufactured product that is being used in a robust and much-needed trial.”

This trial will test the safety, efficacy and dose tolerance of cancer patients with both managed and unmanaged pain.

“We are very proud of our research collaboration with both Prof Stephen Clark and the team at RNSH, we are hoping that this trial demonstrates efficacious alternatives to opioid use for this type of patient,” said Dr Hall.

The trial is expected to run over the next few months with data available later in the year.

Dr Hall added, “All being well, this trial will form the basis of a NanaBis™ drug application being put before the TGA, and subsequent global regulatory agencies."